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Pretty Shiny Words (not mine)

naturelf's multifandom recs

naturelf's multifandom recs.




August 3rd, 2010

Still reading, still reccing, but am now established on Delicious.

May 5th, 2008

Because it's time for a rec list!

Exams are wrapping up and I've about a gazillion things to do.  So what does that mean?  It's TIME FOR A REC LIST!  You may notice a distinctly Torchwood list** to these recs and that's because I've been reading mostly that these days.  So that's what I rec.  Also, I've been collecting for awhile, so some of these are rather older than others.  Enjoy, tell the authors that you love them, and don't stress too much. 

** Yes, I did purposely use "list"there.  It amuses me that this word means both "a catalog of items" and"pitched to one side" so I can justifiably refer to the rec list and the listing recs.  That is all.

Making a Choice
SGA Jeanie POV, G 
Because it's right.  It's in character, the writing style matches, and it's perfectly plausible.  Simple and good.

Lost in Waiting
Jack/Ianto, PG
"Four times Jack and Ianto didn't go on a date, and one time they did."  LucyJane brings a level of humanity to Jack that's always fun to read (even if it strikes me as too human for him, but that's a meta point for another day) and her Ianto is not just eye candy.

Reach Out and Touch Someone
Jack/Ianto, PG-13ish. 
Looooooong and wonderful au of Jack's disappearance.  Yes, he leaves abruptly, but this time, he's got a phone.  There's some angst and some sillyness and some beautiful team moments.  It's also got some fantastic Doctor bits and generally nails characterization through Ianto's eyes.  With all that (and more!), it's currently one of my favorite Jack/Ianto fics.

And Jones Makes Six
Jack/Ianto (but pretty much just the canon stuff), PG at most
Jack goes away and someone new joins Torchwood.  It's just awesome.  GO.  READ.

Excerpt from the Top Secret and Highly Classified Personal Shagging Records of Ianto Jones
Jack/Ianto, NC-17 all the way
The title tells you everything you really need to know.  It's quite explicit, but not really about the porn.  Ianto?  Type A?  Of course not!

Jack/Ianto, PG-13 or so
As I am a dresser (of the theatrical variety), this fic made me extraordinarily happy.  Everything Sam writes about these changes is just Right.  Also, it's pretty much erotica without being sexualized. Because Sam's writing kicks ass.  The fic is simple, short, and makes me ache for the theatre without ever mentioning the stage. 

Carnival Show
Jack/Ianto, PG-13
Sam decided to rewrite Torchwood"From Out of the Rain" and, as is expected, did a masterful job.  This is less a fic and more the result of some "arg, some bits of this ep frustrated me" sort of thinking.  But it's lovely nonetheless, andthere's a line towards the beginning that made theatrical little me flail in a big way.

Series: It'll End In Tears
Ianto/PC Andy, NC-17 all the way
Remember that really great Ianto/Andy story from a while back? Turns out the author has written more.  10 more, in fact!  I'll be honest and say I've only read the first few, but I love his writing and love his characterization. So yay!

Bend Hard
I suppose it's Nick/Dannyish but you could call it friendship,  PG
I'm often wary of fic written in fandoms for which I respect the writing (in your heads, pretend that sentence has proper grammar). It's why I'm so picky about my Who and Firefly fics.  The same goes for Hot Fuzz.  But this I liked. 

Trying to Communicate
Bits of Jack/Ianto but only on the sidelines, PG
OH DEAR GOD THE CRACK.  I just... there are no words.  Or would that be "wurds"?

February 6th, 2008

Look out!  It's a rec dump!  I've sent this batch around so now it's time to archive it.  The dates for these are mixed-- I've been sitting on this collection of recs for almost a year!  We've got everything from gen G to pure pron.  Fandom-wise, you're looking at Doctor Who, Torchwood, SG-1, due South, SGA, and a wee bit of Harry Potter.

Oh, and there's an art rec too. 


R, Jack/Ianto with mentions of Jack/Nine/Rose and Jack/The Universe, v.sweet and surprisingly poignant even with the mention of Jack/multi-legged, suckered thing.

PG-13,Pre? Post? Jack/Doctor.  Doctor recovering from a case of the insanities, bumps into established-Torchwood!Jack before the events of DWs2.  Jack tells him to bug off 'cause they're crossing timelines and that's BAD.  Doctor remembers bits of Jack.  Made me go "ngurk."

R, Jack/Ianto.  Exactly what is the relationship between Jack and Ianto.  A little bit bittersweet.

PG-13ish Ianto/Tosh.  Arg.  I don't like this fic, per se.  I don't really buy the pairing, and it's too short to convince me otherwise.  But I can't get the scene out of my head.  Ikeep seeing it staged with a completely different set of characters and there?  There it has punch. 

Says R for language, I'd go with closer to PG13.  My god, it's Torchwood fic with neither slash nor pron!  Hold on to your seats, ladies and gents!  I love Ianto in this, particularly in the last bit.  And Owen smoking?  So in character it hurts. 

G. Total fluff.  No pairing at all!  Recced because I've been in Ianto's position (Not. Like. That!) many times before, and because invisible-lift (who is fantastic and who you should read lots of and who has the best disclaimer I've ever seen) characterizes the tailor perfectly. 

PG, Jack/Ianto.  Much with the heartbreaking and awesomeness.

R, Jack/Ianto.  Explores the influences of RetCon.

PG, Ianto/Tosh.  Two outsiders gravitate towards each other.  Somehow, I totally buy this.  A little bit of angst, a little bit of awesome.

PG, Mostly Gen with a bit of Jack/Ianto at the end. Oh jeeebus I love this fic!  "Extracting a ransom" is something I've always wanted to do.

NC-17, Ianto's turn to shag everyone/thing.  Ianto/Ten is awesomely adorable,and Ianto/Jack is just as pain-filled as it should be.  But not like that.

Rish, Jack/Ianto and Jack/Owen.  Owen is a creepy fuck.

NC-17(but only for a wee bit), Jack/Daniel.  Plot plot plot!  An epic, plotty fic that's the right balance of realism and angst.  Jack and Daniel dealing with that whole Daniel forgets everything issue, and trying to figure out what they mean to each other.  Only, unlike that summary, it's a great fic. 

NC-17 (in a big way), Jack/Daniel.  It's pron and words and a wee bit of angst but then it's just hot and *flails*

G or PG for blood,  HP fandom.  Death Eater cards! Amazing art!  It takes a lot for me to fall in love with art and this?  This managed it. 

NC-17,though that's not the point of it.  Jack Harkness/Vala xover of awesomeness.  It's just... go read it.  (Char pointed me at this one!)

It's due South.  R-ish?  It's funny.  It's sweet.  It's adorable.  There is puppy licking.  What more do you want?  *happysigh*

R-ish?  SGA, hidden pairing.  There's something about this that just made me happy. It's short and simple and (like everything that comes from Yin's keyboard) awesome.

PG-13 or so.  A year without Jack, from Ianto's POV.  It's simple and yummy, and August makes everything better.

NC-17 but don't read it for the pron.  Ianto/PC Andy.  I love Ianto in this fic.  It's a tad bit off character, but wonderful all the same.  And Andy!  Poor, left in the cold Andy!

PG for nothing, really.  The Doctor shows up again.  This story made me go "awww" a lot.  It's not particularly fluffy or sappy, but there are lots of little awesome character moments that play perfectly in my head.

August 1st, 2007

As Torchwood has now finished it's first season, it's time for a dose of Jack/Ianto. Why? Because Jack/Ianto really is canon. Because Jack/Ianto is awesome. Because Jack/Ianto could go in so many different ways. Because it's Jack/Ianto.

A note: most (if not all) of these are rather porny, but that can't be helped. Have you looked at Jack Harkness? The man pretty much radiates porn. Also, found these all through a handful of request for Jack/Ianto porn. So yeah.

Author: melina
Length: 4900
Why: It's Oblivious!Ianto and Plotting!Jack, but told realistically. And Jack brings Ianto juice post-sex, which is totally adorable.

Title: Timewatching; or, Five Ways Ianto Jones Seduces Captain Jack Harkness
Author: wildestranger
Length: 5400 words
Why: I adore this Ianto, plain and simple. He's smart, sarcastic, sharp, and just awesome. Also, guh.

Title: Five Moments of Clarity: Ianto Jones
Author: Miss Pamela
Length: 1700 words
Why: While this isn't my favorite story ever, I adore part five with such a fiery passion that it makes up for everything else.

Title: Broader than the Flood
Author: giddygeek
Length: 2300
Why: Another quick rec. Not one for the Best Stories Ever folder but an enjoyable read. I particularly like their banter in the first bit.

Title: Symbiosis
Author: charity_lore
Length: 6100
Why: Lockdown + heat + icecubes = ? You guessed it. Porn. And a bit of delightful cat and mouse.

Title: Sun in the Sky
Author: giddygeek
Length: 5500
Why: She describes this fic as "a wallow for eps 1.4 through 1.8" and that's quite accurate. Sure, Ianto is a raging ball of angst, but giddygeek pulls it off well. And the Team bits in there are also awesome. Currently towards the top of my Favorite Jack/Ianto Fics list.

Title: Between the Shores
Author: misslucyjane
Length: 4100
Why: Has some interesting ideas about Jack and Ianto's relationship post s1 (with Jack's whole up and leaving with the Doctor thing) mixed in with some classic h/c. Unfortunately, the sweater that Jack wears reminds me incessantly of Danny's Ascended Sweater, and giggling at those bits kinda broke the mood. But that's ok.

February 19th, 2007

The following is reproduced with the kind permission of piratefanatic. I agreed 100% with her list, and rather than making a pale imitation of her work, I asked nicely to be allowed to x-post her recs here. Enjoy!

14valentines Days 1-6

The Childing Autumn by watersword
Pairing: Dead Poet's Society. Todd/Neil, I suppose. Could be just friendship.
Rating: G
Spoilers: Well, it won't make any sense if you haven't seen the movie, and if you have, then nothing's a spoiler. So there.
Summary: The autumn was full of firsts.
Why Read It: I'd never read any DPS fic, but this one is beautiful. It actually feels like the movie- the pacing, the descriptions, the words themselves. I'm impressed.

Once Bitten by siegeofangels
Pairing: Vague hints of some hardly-there possibility of McKay/Sheppard. Otherwise, nada.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Likewise, nada.
Summary: Rodney has been bitten by an alien spider. Problems are bound to ensue.
Why Read It: 'Cause I had no idea where this fic might go, and it totally didn't go where I might have even suspected. It's short, highly amusing, and generally awesome.

Five Conversations Rodney Doesn't Know Jeannie Had by tassosss
Pairing: Nada. It's all Jeannie!
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Not really.
Summary: Life's . . . complications. Jeannie and academics.
Why Read It: Because the 5 Things prompts are awesome. Because, if you're a girl, you've heard this at least once. Because if you haven't heard it, you've seen it. Because even if you didn't see this in relation to gender, you've seen it somehow. Because, sometimes, it sucks to be an academic. And because sometimes, fanfic can hammer a point home far more successfully than an impassioned essay.

Two Stepping by bluflamingo
Pairing: Katie Brown/Laura Cadman
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 2x04, "Duet"
Summary: She's a Marine, she's used to taking risks, and anyway, what's a little humiliation between colleagues?
Why Read It: Because a) it's sweet, and b) this list wouldn't be complete without a little femslash.

Casting Dice by siegeofangels
Pairing: Teyla/Ronan
Rating: PG
Summary: Sun, rain, wind, aliens.
Why Read It: This isn't a pairing I read very often (why? I dunno.), but siegeofangels's writing is beautiful. She captures pristine Moments in her elegant, descriptive prose.

I'd Go Home If I Knew How To Get There by minervacat
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3x10, "The Return Part 1"
Summary: In which John keeps waking up with concussions, and Rodney keeps handing him glasses of water.
Why Read It: The repetition frame is great fun, their total obliviousness is endearing, and John's characterization is spot on. A lighthearted fic of simple joys.

Competition is Healthy by notpoetry
Pairing: RPS- Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett
Rating: NC 17
Summary/Why Read It: Look. I'm not a fan of RPS. And even if I did like it, I certainly don't buy this pairing. That said, you throw lines like this (which the author provides as the summary) at me, and I'll read anything: "To say that Joe and David were occasionally competitive would be like saying that the Romans occasionally sent out scouting parties to other lands, just to say hello, how's yer mum, may we borrow some sugar."

A Paradox is Not a Contradiction, or Three Oxymorons Rodney McKay Learnt to Live With by solvent90
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: 2x06, "Trinity"
Summary: Written to monanotlisa's prompt of 'John/Rodney, oxymoron, kindness, and ivory' . My English teacher, once she got past the porn, would probably raise her eyebrows at my extension of the word 'oxymoron'.
Why Read It: Let's be frank. This is porn. Very nice porn with some fantastic characterization, and lines like " 'Mud on P3S-8DS is kinda toxic,' Ronan said mildly. 'Rots your skin from the inside.' Rodney made a high-pitched horrified sound and Teyla's mouth twitched into laughter for a second before she frowned fake-seriously at Ronon."

January 27th, 2007

Veronica Mars!

Rich Dirt by theohara. Logan/Veronica. AU version of Shelley Pomeroy's party, spoilers for the first season. Vmars really lends itself to AU-ization.

Broken Toys also by theohara. Another AU, this one for a Lily-didn't-die challenge. What I love so very much about this one is how all the beats from the first season (and then, beyond) are still present, but this time they mean totally different things. The first time I read this, I was listening to Neko Case's "Furnace Room Lullaby". Beautiful, believable and did I mention the threesome? :D

Dark Places Where Monsters Dwell by apocalypsos. Not AU, but futurefic. Dick and the apocalypse. Soundingsea wrote a remix, and it's utterly fantastic: Dark Places Where Monsters Dwell (Secrets and Lies Remix). The remix is Mac's POV; I read the remix first, so I'm a biased towards it (rather than the original, which is also great).

There was another I'd had on my list to post, called Hollywood Makeover. Unfortunately, it looks like marylane23 doesn't exist anymore so there's nothing left to link to.

ETA: It seems that while Marylane's lj doesn't exist, her writing is still available online. Woo! Here, then, is Hollywood Makeover! I'm so very glad this story didn't disappear, because it's one of my very favourite post-season 1 stories. Neptune doesn't exist in some kind of a vaccuum without tabloids and movie-of-the-week treatments of stars' lives. And for an s1 LO/VE junkie like me, this story is just about perfect. :)

snippitCollapse )

Thrust of Grace by bigboobedcanuck. Logan/Veronica, at the tail-end of s2. TV writers and showrunners give us all the big moments, the money shots, the shocking revelations, all of that. The fic writers give us the moments inbetween act break and the end of the commercials, those real moments where the characters become people who actually have to live these lives.

(Inner) Conflct Resolution by strongly_worded. Dick/Mac friendship after the second season. Dick POV. Scratch that. AWESOME Dick POV, with note-perfect voice. snippetCollapse )

Where's Waldo? by cadhla. Logan. Post-s2.
Veronica, on the other hand...if Lilly was a poisoned apple, and Hannah was the forbidden one, Veronica's a caramel apple from a traveling carnival, sweet and sharp and sour and sticky, and bad for your teeth and addictive as hell, so that you wind up going back for more, even after you've been on the Tilt-A-Whirl six times and your stomach is still technically there, looping around and around, forever. Veronica was the guilty pleasure you couldn't give up, with a center that was somehow technically good for you.
...which totally misrepresents the fic, because it's not maudlin meta. I just really liked that part.

October 17th, 2006

(no subject)

pure style
I don't normally read (much less rec) fic with real people, but in the case of CRACK FIC I have to make and exception:

Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness, HP/Colbert Report crossover.

quoteCollapse )

And then there's Betwixt Lórien and Rivendell, a LOTR story featuring Colbert.

quoteCollapse )

October 1st, 2006

(no subject)

I've been remiss in posting here, but I'm hoping that over the next few weeks I'll be able to dig out all the links I've been saving all summer to share! For now, a dozen stories that have come my way in the last two weeks.

Paying the Price by mer_duff.
Mer writes Wilson-and-House-on-the-Balcony stories. In this, Wilson chokes on an apple. My undying love and gratitude to squonk for reccing this on her lj because it was exactly what I needed to read after a not-so-great weekend.

8 Great SPN storiesCollapse )

Veronica Mars
How the Other Half Dies by juliefortune.
Spoilers for EVERY DAMN THING IN THE UNIVERSE. Logan, post-s2. So very excellent, but it's Julie Fortune, so of course it's fantastic. :)

Broken Toys by theohara.
NC-17, multi-pairings. AU. Spoilers for all of season one. What if Lilly didn't die? This is one of the most interesting, thought-provoking, tragic, sad, wonderful fic I've seen in this fandom. There's porn near the beginning, but stick around for what happens after.

May 12th, 2006

(no subject)

It's been far, far too long since I've last posted any recs. (I blame my profound lack of internet access.)

For now, read anything by rageprufrock. Her latest is a House fic called "Eight Days" in which House helps Wilson celebrate "Jew Christmas". There's a macrame effigy, cripple polo and the line "It wouldn't be Hanukkah unless there was a felony kidnapping."

December 4th, 2005

(no subject)

That Old Yeh Shen Story by Tara LJC O'Shea

Firefly, canon ships abound, but it's mostly Simon and Kaylee getting together.

Pre-BDM, too, so there's no ZOMG SPACE-ZOMBIE induced-angst or River's crazy space precognition to add weighty doooom. Which is a strange way of saying that it's cute but not fluffy, sweet but not saccharine, with the pain in the right places and (best of all) it's long enough to really get into the world.

I'm on the hunt for some quality Simon-centric stories, but all I seem to find are angsty slash capers. For my money, Lex Luthor has no right being on Serenity or in Simon's bed. The search continues: looking for gen, Simon-centric, (with or without whumping, though with is acceptable), non-slash fic. If such a thing exists.

Plus, there's pie...Collapse )
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