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Dig out the reading glasses and tea....

naturelf's multifandom recs.


Dig out the reading glasses and tea....

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Alan Moore's 6 words
Because it's time for a rec list!

Exams are wrapping up and I've about a gazillion things to do.  So what does that mean?  It's TIME FOR A REC LIST!  You may notice a distinctly Torchwood list** to these recs and that's because I've been reading mostly that these days.  So that's what I rec.  Also, I've been collecting for awhile, so some of these are rather older than others.  Enjoy, tell the authors that you love them, and don't stress too much. 

** Yes, I did purposely use "list"there.  It amuses me that this word means both "a catalog of items" and"pitched to one side" so I can justifiably refer to the rec list and the listing recs.  That is all.

Making a Choice
SGA Jeanie POV, G 
Because it's right.  It's in character, the writing style matches, and it's perfectly plausible.  Simple and good.

Lost in Waiting
Jack/Ianto, PG
"Four times Jack and Ianto didn't go on a date, and one time they did."  LucyJane brings a level of humanity to Jack that's always fun to read (even if it strikes me as too human for him, but that's a meta point for another day) and her Ianto is not just eye candy.

Reach Out and Touch Someone
Jack/Ianto, PG-13ish. 
Looooooong and wonderful au of Jack's disappearance.  Yes, he leaves abruptly, but this time, he's got a phone.  There's some angst and some sillyness and some beautiful team moments.  It's also got some fantastic Doctor bits and generally nails characterization through Ianto's eyes.  With all that (and more!), it's currently one of my favorite Jack/Ianto fics.

And Jones Makes Six
Jack/Ianto (but pretty much just the canon stuff), PG at most
Jack goes away and someone new joins Torchwood.  It's just awesome.  GO.  READ.

Excerpt from the Top Secret and Highly Classified Personal Shagging Records of Ianto Jones
Jack/Ianto, NC-17 all the way
The title tells you everything you really need to know.  It's quite explicit, but not really about the porn.  Ianto?  Type A?  Of course not!

Jack/Ianto, PG-13 or so
As I am a dresser (of the theatrical variety), this fic made me extraordinarily happy.  Everything Sam writes about these changes is just Right.  Also, it's pretty much erotica without being sexualized. Because Sam's writing kicks ass.  The fic is simple, short, and makes me ache for the theatre without ever mentioning the stage. 

Carnival Show
Jack/Ianto, PG-13
Sam decided to rewrite Torchwood"From Out of the Rain" and, as is expected, did a masterful job.  This is less a fic and more the result of some "arg, some bits of this ep frustrated me" sort of thinking.  But it's lovely nonetheless, andthere's a line towards the beginning that made theatrical little me flail in a big way.

Series: It'll End In Tears
Ianto/PC Andy, NC-17 all the way
Remember that really great Ianto/Andy story from a while back? Turns out the author has written more.  10 more, in fact!  I'll be honest and say I've only read the first few, but I love his writing and love his characterization. So yay!

Bend Hard
I suppose it's Nick/Dannyish but you could call it friendship,  PG
I'm often wary of fic written in fandoms for which I respect the writing (in your heads, pretend that sentence has proper grammar). It's why I'm so picky about my Who and Firefly fics.  The same goes for Hot Fuzz.  But this I liked. 

Trying to Communicate
Bits of Jack/Ianto but only on the sidelines, PG
OH DEAR GOD THE CRACK.  I just... there are no words.  Or would that be "wurds"?
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