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Pretty Shiny Words (not mine)

Something for everyone!

naturelf's multifandom recs.


Something for everyone!

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Alan Moore's 6 words
Look out!  It's a rec dump!  I've sent this batch around so now it's time to archive it.  The dates for these are mixed-- I've been sitting on this collection of recs for almost a year!  We've got everything from gen G to pure pron.  Fandom-wise, you're looking at Doctor Who, Torchwood, SG-1, due South, SGA, and a wee bit of Harry Potter.

Oh, and there's an art rec too. 


R, Jack/Ianto with mentions of Jack/Nine/Rose and Jack/The Universe, v.sweet and surprisingly poignant even with the mention of Jack/multi-legged, suckered thing.

PG-13,Pre? Post? Jack/Doctor.  Doctor recovering from a case of the insanities, bumps into established-Torchwood!Jack before the events of DWs2.  Jack tells him to bug off 'cause they're crossing timelines and that's BAD.  Doctor remembers bits of Jack.  Made me go "ngurk."

R, Jack/Ianto.  Exactly what is the relationship between Jack and Ianto.  A little bit bittersweet.

PG-13ish Ianto/Tosh.  Arg.  I don't like this fic, per se.  I don't really buy the pairing, and it's too short to convince me otherwise.  But I can't get the scene out of my head.  Ikeep seeing it staged with a completely different set of characters and there?  There it has punch. 

Says R for language, I'd go with closer to PG13.  My god, it's Torchwood fic with neither slash nor pron!  Hold on to your seats, ladies and gents!  I love Ianto in this, particularly in the last bit.  And Owen smoking?  So in character it hurts. 

G. Total fluff.  No pairing at all!  Recced because I've been in Ianto's position (Not. Like. That!) many times before, and because invisible-lift (who is fantastic and who you should read lots of and who has the best disclaimer I've ever seen) characterizes the tailor perfectly. 

PG, Jack/Ianto.  Much with the heartbreaking and awesomeness.

R, Jack/Ianto.  Explores the influences of RetCon.

PG, Ianto/Tosh.  Two outsiders gravitate towards each other.  Somehow, I totally buy this.  A little bit of angst, a little bit of awesome.

PG, Mostly Gen with a bit of Jack/Ianto at the end. Oh jeeebus I love this fic!  "Extracting a ransom" is something I've always wanted to do.

NC-17, Ianto's turn to shag everyone/thing.  Ianto/Ten is awesomely adorable,and Ianto/Jack is just as pain-filled as it should be.  But not like that.

Rish, Jack/Ianto and Jack/Owen.  Owen is a creepy fuck.

NC-17(but only for a wee bit), Jack/Daniel.  Plot plot plot!  An epic, plotty fic that's the right balance of realism and angst.  Jack and Daniel dealing with that whole Daniel forgets everything issue, and trying to figure out what they mean to each other.  Only, unlike that summary, it's a great fic. 

NC-17 (in a big way), Jack/Daniel.  It's pron and words and a wee bit of angst but then it's just hot and *flails*

G or PG for blood,  HP fandom.  Death Eater cards! Amazing art!  It takes a lot for me to fall in love with art and this?  This managed it. 

NC-17,though that's not the point of it.  Jack Harkness/Vala xover of awesomeness.  It's just... go read it.  (Char pointed me at this one!)

It's due South.  R-ish?  It's funny.  It's sweet.  It's adorable.  There is puppy licking.  What more do you want?  *happysigh*

R-ish?  SGA, hidden pairing.  There's something about this that just made me happy. It's short and simple and (like everything that comes from Yin's keyboard) awesome.

PG-13 or so.  A year without Jack, from Ianto's POV.  It's simple and yummy, and August makes everything better.

NC-17 but don't read it for the pron.  Ianto/PC Andy.  I love Ianto in this fic.  It's a tad bit off character, but wonderful all the same.  And Andy!  Poor, left in the cold Andy!

PG for nothing, really.  The Doctor shows up again.  This story made me go "awww" a lot.  It's not particularly fluffy or sappy, but there are lots of little awesome character moments that play perfectly in my head.
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