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Pretty Shiny Words (not mine)

First Post from a Guest Reccer

naturelf's multifandom recs.


First Post from a Guest Reccer

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Alan Moore's 6 words
As Torchwood has now finished it's first season, it's time for a dose of Jack/Ianto. Why? Because Jack/Ianto really is canon. Because Jack/Ianto is awesome. Because Jack/Ianto could go in so many different ways. Because it's Jack/Ianto.

A note: most (if not all) of these are rather porny, but that can't be helped. Have you looked at Jack Harkness? The man pretty much radiates porn. Also, found these all through a handful of request for Jack/Ianto porn. So yeah.

Author: melina
Length: 4900
Why: It's Oblivious!Ianto and Plotting!Jack, but told realistically. And Jack brings Ianto juice post-sex, which is totally adorable.

Title: Timewatching; or, Five Ways Ianto Jones Seduces Captain Jack Harkness
Author: wildestranger
Length: 5400 words
Why: I adore this Ianto, plain and simple. He's smart, sarcastic, sharp, and just awesome. Also, guh.

Title: Five Moments of Clarity: Ianto Jones
Author: Miss Pamela
Length: 1700 words
Why: While this isn't my favorite story ever, I adore part five with such a fiery passion that it makes up for everything else.

Title: Broader than the Flood
Author: giddygeek
Length: 2300
Why: Another quick rec. Not one for the Best Stories Ever folder but an enjoyable read. I particularly like their banter in the first bit.

Title: Symbiosis
Author: charity_lore
Length: 6100
Why: Lockdown + heat + icecubes = ? You guessed it. Porn. And a bit of delightful cat and mouse.

Title: Sun in the Sky
Author: giddygeek
Length: 5500
Why: She describes this fic as "a wallow for eps 1.4 through 1.8" and that's quite accurate. Sure, Ianto is a raging ball of angst, but giddygeek pulls it off well. And the Team bits in there are also awesome. Currently towards the top of my Favorite Jack/Ianto Fics list.

Title: Between the Shores
Author: misslucyjane
Length: 4100
Why: Has some interesting ideas about Jack and Ianto's relationship post s1 (with Jack's whole up and leaving with the Doctor thing) mixed in with some classic h/c. Unfortunately, the sweater that Jack wears reminds me incessantly of Danny's Ascended Sweater, and giggling at those bits kinda broke the mood. But that's ok.
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