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Veronica Mars!

naturelf's multifandom recs.


Veronica Mars!

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Rich Dirt by theohara. Logan/Veronica. AU version of Shelley Pomeroy's party, spoilers for the first season. Vmars really lends itself to AU-ization.

Broken Toys also by theohara. Another AU, this one for a Lily-didn't-die challenge. What I love so very much about this one is how all the beats from the first season (and then, beyond) are still present, but this time they mean totally different things. The first time I read this, I was listening to Neko Case's "Furnace Room Lullaby". Beautiful, believable and did I mention the threesome? :D

Dark Places Where Monsters Dwell by apocalypsos. Not AU, but futurefic. Dick and the apocalypse. Soundingsea wrote a remix, and it's utterly fantastic: Dark Places Where Monsters Dwell (Secrets and Lies Remix). The remix is Mac's POV; I read the remix first, so I'm a biased towards it (rather than the original, which is also great).

There was another I'd had on my list to post, called Hollywood Makeover. Unfortunately, it looks like marylane23 doesn't exist anymore so there's nothing left to link to.

ETA: It seems that while Marylane's lj doesn't exist, her writing is still available online. Woo! Here, then, is Hollywood Makeover! I'm so very glad this story didn't disappear, because it's one of my very favourite post-season 1 stories. Neptune doesn't exist in some kind of a vaccuum without tabloids and movie-of-the-week treatments of stars' lives. And for an s1 LO/VE junkie like me, this story is just about perfect. :)

In each, TV Veronica and TV Logan find each other amidst the chaos and intrigue of their seamy, corrupt little town. Die-hard and loyal friends forever, who blossom into something more and who, unbeknownst to his murderer father, together quest for the truth behind TV Lilly’s death. Theirs is a TV love for the history books, destined for pop culture immortality.

Thrust of Grace by bigboobedcanuck. Logan/Veronica, at the tail-end of s2. TV writers and showrunners give us all the big moments, the money shots, the shocking revelations, all of that. The fic writers give us the moments inbetween act break and the end of the commercials, those real moments where the characters become people who actually have to live these lives.

(Inner) Conflct Resolution by strongly_worded. Dick/Mac friendship after the second season. Dick POV. Scratch that. AWESOME Dick POV, with note-perfect voice. Dick spends his lunch breaks alone on one of the picnic tables, sittingnot on the bench but on the surface itself. After chowing down ontake-out, he balls up sheets of blank paper from his binder and hurlsthem towards the trash containers ten feet away.

On the thirdMonday of summer school, Mac walks directly into his line of sighttowards her usual spot two tables away, and Dick is feeling considerateenough at that moment to pause his throwing during her passing.

“Hey, Freaks-and-Geeks. How are the orphans?”

“They’re not orphans,” she says as sits down. “They’re in summer camp.”

“Whatcamp is that? Camp Noogie & Whirlie?” He goes back to trash binbasketball, and she ignores his question in favor of her Tupperwarecontainer of nuts and leaves.

“Can you at least aim for the recycling bin?” he hears her ask a few minutes later.

Where's Waldo? by cadhla. Logan. Post-s2.
Veronica, on the other hand...if Lilly was a poisoned apple, and Hannah was the forbidden one, Veronica's a caramel apple from a traveling carnival, sweet and sharp and sour and sticky, and bad for your teeth and addictive as hell, so that you wind up going back for more, even after you've been on the Tilt-A-Whirl six times and your stomach is still technically there, looping around and around, forever. Veronica was the guilty pleasure you couldn't give up, with a center that was somehow technically good for you.
...which totally misrepresents the fic, because it's not maudlin meta. I just really liked that part.
  • Nooooooooooo! You can't do this to me! I don't even watch Veronica Mars- I've already gotten addicted to one show (and a second by proxy) by reading fanfic. I will not get addicted to another show.

    Also- the fic you sent earlier? Have only read teh first few lines, but am in love.

    You know, I was suposed to write papers, do reading, and draw three people (a remarkably painful process, trust me!) today. I have done exactly none of it.
    • Okay, which fandom should I post next? I'll do SG1/SGA, just for you. ...next weekend, if the gods be willing.

      And all you really need to know about Veronica Mars is in the first season of that show. The 3rd sucks pretty hard, and the 2nd had lots of problems.
      • Oh, I'd desperatly love some Stargate fic. I've eagerly read everything you and jissa have pointed in my direction, but I know if I start searching it out, I'll never do homework again. For the moment, I'm content to read recs and watch the show itself, which is So Damn Slashy.
        • Cool, cool. It takes forever to do an update because I end up re-reading every damn story on the list, so I don't even try to start it on a school night. So, this weekend it is! (Fo' reals!)
  • Dick+Mac-Beaver makes me SAD. I liked (Inner) Conflict Resolution, but I felt like the author was OVER-simplifying Dick. I didn't know that was possible, but apparently it is.
    • Dick+Mac-Beaver makes me SAD.
      ME TOO.

      I felt like the author was OVER-simplifying Dick.
      I know what you mean, but I choose to read the simple-Dick as part of his characterization rather than a fault of the piece. Dick's not looking deep in himself because he's not that kind of guy, so the author didn't push him into uncharacteristic moments of introspection.
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